Skyfall Dir. Sam Mendes. I am excited to see this and my expectation are high but I think this trailer is trying to be too minimalistically effective it becomes banal and uneffective. However this is just the trailer…. 

Dark Shadows (2012) Dir. Tim Burton. For loyal readers you will remember I previously blogged about the use of Beckenham Place park in this film and so here it is, in all its misty glory.

The Hunger Games

(2012) Dir. Gary Ross. Concentrate from the beginning and it will pay off, for this futuristic film of suppressed districts and one ruling capitol is not too far off our current economic state. The protagonist Katniss Everdeen is portrayed as a strong, troubled young women, who the audience is led to instantly like but as a female protagonist her strong, angry demure can put of many viewers of mainstream hollywood blockbusters who would expect  a damsel in distress and in an uncomfortable position of relation towards the protagonist. However that said, we still receive a good amount of ingredients to start a cult following (as tipped by the press to be the next Twilight). The twisted fascination and separation citizens from the capitol have with watching and spectating the ‘sport’ of the hunger games is sickening as we see the gritty and brutal children’s reality from the districts who fight for their lives. No gruesome murder is spared when each competitor is killed of one by one. Commenting upon economic separation, the ‘big brother’ effect and the loss of innocence and childhood is only but a few of the global observations in this film, whilst achieving toe curling, edge of your seat moments as the puppeteers dangle the lives of the chosen ones in front of your eyes!

Hello again!

It has been a while since i have blogged any film news or reviews, but i plan to make a shocking comeback… or maybe just a modest one!

Megamind (2010) Dir. Tom McGrath.

I try to keep my genre of film reviewing wide and its not hard to have a few feel good moments with such a genius Pixar film as this one. A great team makes a great movie and who could ask for a better cast than Will Ferrel, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt; celebrated and renowned for a combined list of films that would impress the harshest of critics, McGrath was ahead of himself already.

The witty and relatable script of Megamind (Ferrel) makes the audience cheer for him more and more until he achieves his longing desire to be the good guy. Obviously aimed at children, but equally enjoyable for adults too, this new generation of children’s movies is up there with the likes of Shrek and Toy Story.

Highly recommended!

The Avengers (2012) Dir. Joss Whedon.

Taking the most recent superheroes to be remade and modeled over the last 6 years of cinematic film and teaming them together to fight against an all mighty evil (unidentified in the trailer)… I’m not sure if I’m convinced. But I love anything Marvel and I can’t pretend that the special fx and CGI do not blow me away everytime, so I will be there when this one is released.

I think a major factor that will have to be worked incredibly well and to detail, will be the understanding each superhero has of another. Do they all protect the same city? Are we just meant to believe that they knew about each other all along? Who knows? But I hope its one hell of a convincing story line.

Dark Shadows (2012) Dir. Tim Burton. Above is our long reigning protagonist of Tim Burton films, Johnny Depp, talking about his understanding and engagement with the character, Barnabas Collins. Based on the TV series, this film adaptation has already excited many and (in my opinion) Burton never fails to deliver, so this is bound to be another success to add to his very long list!

Part of the film was shot right near my house, I hope I can spot which part it is!

I Am Legend (2007) Dir. Francis Lawrence.

This movie adaptation of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, continually creates fear and sympathy, keeping you at the edge of your seat. The zombie novel falls into the horror fiction genre, causing me to expect a higher degree of gore and graphic imagery, but the PG 13 rating not only widens the audience, but also allows the director to focus on the devastating destruction of mankind and New York City. The balance of both the zombie aspects and the loneliness of man, makes this the most successful movie adaptation compared to ‘The Last Man on Earth’ (1964) and ‘The Omega Man’ (1971). Of course we can’t ignore the huge special effects budget that Warner Bros. provides and the excellence of Will Smith.

A re-occurring sequence that enhances the isolation of Will Smith’s character, is the ‘zoning-out’ mastered by Director of Photography, Andrew Lesnie. His impressive list of previous work, is once more displayed and reiterated through the use of uncomfortable close-ups that keep the audience in the palm of their protagonists hand.

A fantastic piece of cinematic wonder, but once again I am a little more convinced that the world will end sooner rather than later. Passion of the motion picture taking over my impressionable mind once again and I love it.

Melancholia (2011) Dir. Lars Von Trier. I’m not sure about this one, but its nice to see Kirsten Dunst in something else other than romcom or a cheerleader’s outfit!

The Skin I Live In (2011) Dir. Pedro Almodovar. So excited for this!